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Neptuno by ON Group | Web Oficial | Hotel en Roquetas de mar, Almería
Neptuno by ON Group

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Neptuno by ON Group

How it works

It is very simple! The operation mechanics of the new is designed so that you can enjoy even more each day of your stay with us. How? Well, using your mONeydONes to pay ON Hotels Group services*. It's about adding as many as you can. The higher your number of mONeydONes is, the more you will save during your stay.

The moment you sign up and become , you will receive a welcome email with your Card. Instantly, your Profiel Page and your ON Wallet will be enabled.

Profile Page

From your Profile Page you will be able to consult your ON Wallet and the data that you entered when signing up. If you need to modify any of them, you can do it instantly, as well as resend your Card. f you wish to unsubscribe, you can also delete your user account. Be careful ... this action is irreversible!

Virtual mONedero

Your ON Wallet behaves in a very similar way to your bank account statement. IN it you will find a list of concepts, each of which will be translated into a number of mONeydONes. This way, at all times you can check your balance and be clear about the way you have added / subtracted such mONeydONes.
*ON Hotels and On Family Islantilla: mONeydONes can be used in all those services that can be loaded in your ON Bracelet. Upon check-out, the staff will check your balance of mONeydONes and only if you want, will subtract them from the cost of the services used and charged in your ON Bracelet during your stay, with the consequent savings on your bill. Oce you become Fan's ON, the first reservation you make in any of the ON Hotels Group establishments website will be rewarded with 2% of its value in mONeydONes. On the day of your check out you will receive a Promocode Multiplier to insert in your next reservation, which will convert that initial 2% into a 4% of the value of the reservation in mONeydONes.
**In On Family Playa de Doñana you can spend your mONeydONes in our parking service. In On Acebuchal 23 the mONeydONes are valid in the cafeteria.

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