Welcome to the COOKIES POLICY of the website of the entity Dislant Costa S.L, provided with NIF B21373162, where we will explain in a clear and simple language all the necessary issues so that you can have control over them based on your personal decisions.


A cookie is a small information file that is stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet every time you visit our website.

In principle, a cookie is harmless: it does not contain viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. that can damage your terminal, but it does have a certain impact on your right to the protection of your personal data, as it collects certain information concerning your person (browsing habits, identity, preferences, etc.).

That is why, based on the provisions of the applicable regulations (LSSI and current legislation on personal data protection), the activation of certain types of cookies will require your prior authorization. Before doing so, we will give you some additional information that will help you make better decisions in this regard:

Globally, not all countries have the same level of data protection, with some countries being more secure than others (for example, the European Union is a secure environment for your data). Our policy is to use reliable providers that, regardless of whether or not they are located in the European Union, have adopted appropriate safeguards for the protection of your personal information. However, in the section entitled. WHAT TYPES OF COOKIES ARE CURRENTLY USED ON OUR WEBSITE? You can consult the different privacy and data protection policies of each of the aforementioned external suppliers, in order to make an informed decision on whether or not to activate the third-party cookies used by our website.
Technical Cookies:

Technical cookies are strictly necessary for our website to work and for you to be able to browse our website. This type of cookies are those that, for example, allow us to identify you, give you access to certain restricted parts of the page if necessary, or remember different options or services already selected by you, such as your privacy preferences. Therefore, they are activated by default, not being necessary your authorization in this regard.

Through your browser settings, you can block or alert you to the presence of this type of cookies, although such blocking will affect the proper functioning of the various features of our website.

Analysis Cookies:

Analysis cookies allow us to study the navigation of users of our website in general (for example, which sections of the page are the most visited, which services are most used and if they work correctly, etc.).

From the statistical information about the navigation on our website, we can improve both the operation of the site itself and the various services offered. Therefore, these cookies do not have an advertising purpose, but only serve to make our website work better, adapting to our users in general. By activating them you will contribute to this continuous improvement.

You can enable or disable these cookies by checking the appropriate box, being disabled by default.

Functionality and Personalization Cookies:

Functionality cookies allow us to remember your preferences, to customize to you certain features and general options of our website, each time you access it (for example, the language in which the information is presented to you, the sections marked as favorites, your browser type, etc.).

Therefore, this type of cookies do not have an advertising purpose, but activating them will improve the functionality of the website (for example, adapting to your browser type) and customizing it based on your preferences (for example, presenting the information in the language you have chosen in the past), which will contribute to the ease, usability and comfort of our site during your navigation.

You can enable or disable these cookies by checking the appropriate box, being disabled by default.

Advertising Cookies:

Advertising cookies allow us to manage the advertising spaces included on our website based on criteria such as the content shown or the frequency at which ads are shown.

So for example, if you have been shown several times the same ad on our website, and you have not shown a personal interest by clicking on it, it will not appear again. In short, by enabling these cookies, the advertising displayed on our website will be more useful and diverse, and less repetitive.

You can enable or disable these cookies by checking the appropriate box, being disabled by default.

Behavioral Advertising Cookies:

Behavioral advertising cookies allow us to obtain information based on the observation of your browsing habits and behaviors on the web, in order to be able to show you advertising content that better suits your personal tastes and interests.

To make it easier for you to understand, we will give you a fictitious example: if your last web searches were related to thriller literature, we would show you advertisements about thriller books.

Therefore, by activating this type of cookies, the advertising we show you on our website will not be generic, but will be oriented to your searches, tastes and interests, thus adjusting exclusively to you.

You can enable or disable these cookies by checking the appropriate box, being disabled by default.



Below, we proceed to inform you about all the types of cookies that are currently used on our website and the purpose of each of them.


Name  Own or third parties  Duration Purpose
cookie_alerta Own duration of the current session Display cookie warning only once per session
popup_faldon Own duration of the current session Show offer popup only once per session (only when there is an offer popup)
_utma Google Analytics 2 years Used to differentiate between users and sessions.
_utmb Google Analytics 10 minutes from creation or modification It is used to know if there is a new session or visit.
_utmc Google Analytics At the end of the session It is used to facilitate functionality with the urchin.js library. Previously, this cookie acted in conjunction with the cookie_utmb to determine if the user was in a new session or visit.
_utmz Google Analytics 6 months It stores the origin of the traffic or the campaign that explains from where the user arrives to the Web site.
_utmt Google Analytics At the end of the session Used to define the type of user request. It is used to establish page usage statistics.
DoubleClick Adwords At the end of the session< Segment content to make it relevant to users.
Name Information processed Purpose
Strictly necessary User session, registration details, reservations. User session registration and maintenance management, navigation customization, load balancing, etc.
Google Analytics Websites visited, frequency, number and repetition of visits, browsing time, searches performed, links accessed, browser used, operator providing the service, location linked to the IP address Measuring and analyzing user browsing, tracking and analyzing user behavior, creating anonymous user browsing profiles, making improvements based on the analysis of user usage data.
Google Adwords IP address, searches performed, links accessed and advertisements accessed. Show the products that best suit the user, segment the target audience, measure results, flexible budgets and detect new markets.

By accessing our website, the user expressly agrees that we can use this type of cookies on their devices. However, if you disable cookies, it will not affect the navigation on our websites.


When you access our website for the first time, you will be shown a window in which we inform you that cookies can be of various types:

We also inform you that, once you have activated any type of cookies, you have the possibility to deactivate them whenever you wish, by simply unchecking the corresponding box in the COOKIES CONFIGURATION section of our website. It will always be as easy for you to activate our own cookies as to deactivate them.
We also remind you that, through your browser settings, you can block or alert you to the presence of cookies, although such blocking may affect the proper functioning of the various features of our website in the case of the necessary technical cookies.
Finally, if you activate third-party cookies (external companies that provide services for our website) and subsequently wish to disable them, you can do so in two ways: using the cookie disabling tools of your browser or through the systems enabled by such external providers.
To make it much easier for you, below we list a series of links to the guidelines for disabling cookies from commonly used browsers:
  • Google Chrome.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer.
  • Safari.
  • Safari for IOS (Iphone y iPad).
  • Google Chrome for Android.
  • Google Chrome for Iphone y Ipad.
Likewise, we list the links to the systems enabled by each of the external suppliers referred to disable their cookies.

  Thank you very much for your cooperation.